Vol 1 No 1 (2017): JHSP Vol 1 No 1 - 2017
JHSP Vol 1 No 1 - 2017

Journal of Health Science and Prevention (JHSP) Volume 1 No 1 - April 2017
The edition containts various topisc such as Environmental health, reproductive health, maternal health, occupational health and safety and Health Policy


Nur Muafida, Imam Santoso, Darmiah Darmiah
The Relation of Personal Hygiene with The Incidence of Scabies at Al Falah Male Boarding School Students Sub-district of Liang Anggang in the Year 2016
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Mei Lina Fitri Kumalasari
The Effectiviness of Dysmenorrhea Gymnastics as an Alternative Therapy in Reducing Menstrual Pain
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Ika Mustika
Exclusive Breastfeeding Determinants in Breastfeeding Mother
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Eko Teguh Pribadi
Alcohol Abuse in Indonesia: Determinant, SWOT and CARAT Analysis
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Estri Kusumawati
A Systematic Review againts Risk Factors on The Low-weight Birth Incidence in Indonesia
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Saiku Rokhim
Risk Assessment to Dust Exposure in Room Maintenance: Analytical Study on Room Maintenance at PT. X (Persero) Building in Surabaya
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