Journal of Health Science and Prevention

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Vol 2 No 1 (2018)
Published April 30, 2018
JHSP Vol 2 No 1 - 2018

JHSP is an Open Access, blind peer-reviewed, biannual journal in the field of public health sciences and prevention. The journal aims to stimulate dissemination of knowledge in the public health field, to improve efficacy, effectiveness, and efficiency of public health interventions for improving populations health outcomes. JHSP publish by Health Science Consortium of UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya in collaboration with PERSAKMI. In this issue, we discuss reproductive health as the primary publication topic.


Ika Mustika, Nova Lusiana, Estri Kusumawati, Risa Purnamasari
Basal Body Temperature Difference Before and During The Endometrial Wall Decay on The Menstrual Cycle
Funsu Andiarna
The Correlation Between Stress Level and Premenstrual Syndrom Among College Students
Dwi Rukma Santi, Eko Teguh Pribadi
Menstrual Disorders Condition of Patients Treated at UIN Sunan Ampel’s Primary Clinic
Linda Prasetyaning Widayanti, Nova Lusiana, Estri Kusumawati
Patient Satisfaction on The Health Services: A Descriptive Study at UIN Sunan Ampel’s Clinic
Roiela Arfailasufandi, Funsu Andiarna
The Influence of Dark Chocolate to Reduce Menstrual Pain in Primary Dysmenorhea
Yana Listyawardhani, Farida Sukowati, Elisa Ulfiana
The Corellation between Mother’s Knowledge and Attitude on Hypothermia in Preventing Hypothermia on Infant at Age 0 to 28 Days at Magersari Public Health Center Working Area, Magelang
Irul Hidayati, Esti Novi Andyarini
The Relationship Between The Number of Parities and Pregnancy Age with Maternal Anemia
Sri Hidayati
A Systematic Review on Hypertension Risk Factors in Indonesia
Nur Rachmat, Dwi Setyawan, Annisa Eka Septiani, Esti Novi Andyarini
Static Balance Differences in Adolescent with Obesity Before and After The Medial Arch Support Usage
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