Job Crafting and Work Engagement among Employees of Startup Company


  • Winny Puspasari Thamrin Universitas Gunadarma



Digital technology, Job crafting, Startup employees, Work engagement


Work engagement has been a crucial factor to promote employee’s performance. Engaged employees performs better and are more productive. The aim of this study was to examine the influence of job crafting on work engagement work among employees of startup companies in Indonesia. The present study used correlational design. Participants of this study involved 155 employees that work in startup company. They were selected using purposive sampling technique.  Data were collected using the job crafting use Job Crafting Scale (JCS) and Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES). To determine the effect of job crafting on work engagement, the linier regression analysis was used. From the data analysis, there job crafting significantly affect work engagement among employees of company startups. Furthermore, job crafting explains about 46.4% variance in work engagement, while the rest was explained by other variables beyond this research. The finding of this study implies the crucial need for promoting job crafting practices among startup companies.


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