The Relationship Between Self Concept and Self Control With Lifestyle

  • Muhammad Ghozali Ma'ruf


The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between self-concept and self-control with life meaning. The variable of this study includes the self-concept independent variable (variable X1) and restraint (variable X2)and the dependent variable of life sense (variable Y). The method used for sampling in this study is purposive sampling that is by determining specific criteria in the selection of subjects is adolescents in Islamic high school Mathali’ul Anwar at Simo-Lamongan aged 14-19 years. The methods used to collect data on self-concept, self-control and life meaning use questionnaires. The result of data analysis using Anareg got the result of F Regression = 73.413 with significance p = 0.000 (p<0.05) showed that self-concept and self-control were significantly correlated with life meaning. The effect of partial analysis on a self-concept with the dependence of life meaning show t value 1.131 at p = 0.316 this means that there is the negative relation between self-concept variable with life meaning.


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